01Cisen Pharmaceutical successfully entered the A-share market of Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Cisen Pharmaceutical, and stock code: 603367), and officially stepped onto the capital market, which was a qualitative leap and milestone in the development history of Cisen pharmaceutical.

02The WXFL10030390, the national Class 1 drug with independent intellectual property rights obtained the clinical drug trial approval issued by CFDA, then the clinical research will conduct soon. The product is intended for the treatment of malignant tumors, and it is expected to bring new hope to patients with advanced cancer who cannot be treated at present.

03The first ANDA application of Cisen Pharmaceutical was accepted by the US FDA (with acceptance No. of 210090). The 210 workshop, laboratories and warehouses for producing the ANDA received the on-site inspection by US CGMP, which were under the final review stage. In addition, this signifies Cisen Pharmaceutical has made initial success in adapting its quality system to the high-end regulations in Europe and the United States.

04Liu Jiayi, the secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Provincial Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress visited Cisen Pharmaceutical, encouraged the enterprises to accelerate technology & product innovation and enhance the development vitality continuously.

05Cisen Technology Group achieved healthy and rapid growth in 2017. The Group successfully acquired Jining Friendship Hospital, which injected new vitality into the their development in future.

06At the 29th China Medicine Economic Information Conference, Chairman Du Zhenxin was named as the “Person of the Year in 2017 China Medicine Economy”, and Chenjiao dexmedetomidine hydrochloride injection was honored as “The Most Promising Product Brand in 2017 China Medicine Industry”. Therefore, the industry influence of Cisen Pharmaceutical was further enhanced.

07The chief engineer Lu Xiulian won the 2016 Jining Highest Science and Technology Award, and Zhao Yanfeng, for the equipment management was elected as “Jining Craftsman in 2017” and awarded “Jining Labor Medal”. Moreover, the spirit of Cisen Pharmaceutical was recognized by all governments at all levels in Jining.

08The automation technology innovation project for vertical soft bag infusion production line of Cisen Pharmaceutical won the second batch of incentive support funds for “Machine Substituting Manpower” technology innovation in 2016, and the product & industry upgrading project of national-level new drug & preparation products such as liranaftate of Cisen Fodu Pharmaceutical (Wen Shang) Co., Ltd. won the second batch of subsidized loan support funds for key industry transformation and upgrading in 2016. The successful declaration of the two projects provided strong financial support for the subsequent technology innovation and improvement of automation.

09Shandong Chenlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. obtained the sewage discharge permit issued by Jining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. It is the first enterprise in Jining City to obtain this kind of permit, which indicated that Chenlong Pharmaceutical meets the permit requirements for pollution discharge, and laid a solid foundation for subsequent production & operation.

10Cisen Fodu Pharmaceutical (Wenshang) Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “National High-Tech Enterprise”, which provided the strong technical support for enhancing its core competitiveness and maintaining sustainable innovation and development.

01The “Mefuparib Hydrochloride”, the Class 1 anti-tumor innovative drugs jointly developed by Cisen Pharmaceutical and Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica obtained the clinical drug trial approval issued by CFDA, bringing new hope to patients with advanced cancer who have clinical resistance and poor prognosis.

02At the 2016 (33rd) National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Conference hosted by China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center, Cisen Pharmaceutical was once again ranked among the top 100 enterprises in China pharmaceutical industry, and was awarded “The Best Industrial Enterprise for China Pharmaceutical R&D Product Line” for three consecutive years”.

03Chairman Du Zhenxin and Cisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were honored as “Jining Meritorious Entrepreneur” and “Jining Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution” respectively by Jining Municipal Party Committee and Government, which highlighted the recognition and affirmation of Jining Municipal Party Committee and Government for the contribution of Cisen Pharmaceutical on the local economic development in Jining.

04Cisen Fodu Pharmaceutical (Wenshang) Co., Ltd. and Shandong Chenlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successively obtained the independent drug production licenses, which marked the official establishment of the drug substances and external-purposed drugs of Cisen Pharmaceutical in Wenshang and Yutai, which officially started the independent operation of the two subsidiaries, and turned to a new page for the development of the Company.

05Jining Pharmaceutical Profession Association was officially established. And Cisen Pharmaceutical was considered as the president unit of the association, and Chairman Du Zhenxin was elected as the president of the Association.

06The dual-port soft infusion bag with mixing medicine device, the safe, simple and instant matched infusion product independently developed by Cisen Pharmaceutical was put into production. Moreover, the product solved the common problems in the preparation of infusion and powder injection dispensing, reduced the dispensing time, minimized the risk of contamination and provided the protection for medical workers.

07The International R&D Department of Cisen Pharmaceutical was built, which opened up a new chapter for the drug research and development of Cisen Pharmaceutical. Over the past year, the International R&D Department has successfully established good cooperative relations with the United States and India, etc.

08The polypropylene ampoules products (including nearly 10 dosage forms, such as children-targeted compound amino acid injection and dexmedetomidine hydrochloride injection), the national first-class inner packaging material independently developed by the Company obtained the approval, which greatly improved the hydro-acupuncture product of the Company, provided more clinical drug choices, and made it become popular product among products of Cisen Pharmaceutical.

09Cisen Pharmaceutical sponsored the “The First International Confucian Debate Among Middle School Students”, fulfilled the promise of “Taking the Responsibility and Contributing to the Society”, promoted the Confucian culture and core socialist values with practical actions, and make efforts to promote the development of culture and sports.

10At the “Internet +” innovation & development conference in Jining, Cisen Pharmaceutical signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the HP-Jining International Software Talents and Technology Center, which promoted the deep integration of “Internet +” with the technology innovation, management innovation and business model innovation of Cisen Pharmaceutical.

01The 10th list of Top 100 enterprises in Chinese pharmaceutical industry was released, and Cisen Technology Group ranked 38th. Meanwhile, the group was rated as “AAA Credit Enterprises during Enterprise Credit Evaluation” in Chinese pharmaceutical industry again. Therefore, its comprehensive strength was further enhanced.

02The bromfenac sodium bulk drugs and eye drops, as the first domestic Class 3.1 analog new chemical drug obtained the new drug certificate and production approval, which broke the market pattern of foreign companies monopolizing China’s ophthalmology non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

03The pre-clinical research and IND declaration of PARP enzyme inhibitor mefuparib hydrochloride, the Class 1.1 anti-tumor innovative drugs jointly developed by the Company and Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica were completed, which marked a new milestone for the Company in research and development of innovative drug.

04Cisen Technology Group acquired the Jining Guhuai Drugstore, became the holding company of the original Jining Jinjia Medicine and Health Technology Co., Ltd., and established the Shandong Cisen Chain Drugstore Co., Ltd. Since then, Cisen Group officially entered the pharmaceutical retail chain industry.

05Cisen Fodu Pharmaceutical (Wenshang) Co., Ltd. was granted an independent pharmaceutical production license, which marked the official independent operation of Cisen drugs for external use, and laid a foundation for the Company for future development and prosperity.

06The “National & Local Engineering Laboratory for Large Volume Injection of Intravenous Nutrition” declared by our company was officially approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, which was another national-level R&D platform of our company approved for construction.

07Cisen established the Department of Foreign Trade to officially start international development strategy. For the first order, 22 containers were successfully exported to Angola for earning nearly USD 300,000.

08The unattended reading room of Cisen Pharmaceutical was officially opened to employees. In addition, the reading room with more than 4,000 volumes of books is open 24 hours a day for free under unattended management mode, which further enriched the amateur cultural life of staff.

09The construction of Golden Jiayuan staff housing project was completed, and the employees moved to the new homes, which showed Cisen Pharmaceutical's corporate philosophy of “Seeking Development Depending on Employees for Benefiting Employees, and Sharing Development Results with Employees”.

10In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people in the war against Japan, Cisen Pharmaceutical successfully held the Cisen Cup staff chorus competition titled with "Chinese Dream· Gaoxin Beauty", and a total of 19 teams from the high-tech zone participated in the competition.

01Cisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Cisen Pharmaceutical”) was listed among the Top 50 Enterprises for the Main Operating Revenue in Chemical Medicine Industry in 2013 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

02Cisen Technology Group was officially registered for establishment after being approved by the State Administration of Industry & Commerce. The establishment of Cisen Group realized the optimal combination of capital, technology and talents, and laid a solid foundation for improving the competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets and realizing the Cisen dream of ten billion revenue.

03Chairman Du Zhenxin was the only entrepreneur appointed as the economic consultant by the People's Government of Jining City.

04Chenzhong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held a “Signing Ceremony for the Appointment of Chief Scientists” with the professors of University of Liverpool to establish the storage room for standard and specifications for low molecular weight heparin to fill the gap in the domestic industry.

05Cisen Pharmaceutical was re-identified as state-level high-tech enterprise, which was of great significance for enhancing its brand image, improving its capacity for independent innovation and enjoying national preferential policies.

06Cisen Technology Group started to get into the pharmaceutical retail industry and enter the e-commerce industry through the establishment of B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms.

07The construction of Cisen science park achieved fruitful results. Among which, the construction of new large plastic bottle infusion plant was completed, the automatic three-dimensional warehouse was put into operation, the CGMP solid dosage forms plant was built, and the MES system was started. Therefore, Cisen Pharmaceutical has taken a big step forward in the field of automation.

08The Golden Jiayuan community, the self-built house of Cisen Pharmaceutical was preliminarily built. The employees of Cisen Pharmaceutical chose the house with happiness. Since then, they had their own warm home in the high-tech zone.

09Cisen Pharmaceutical conducted a series of activities concerned with young employees. For example, the collective wedding ceremony for young staff titled with “Eternal Love” and the first young singer contest titled with “Singing Youth Melody, Surpassing Life Dreams” were held, and the “Weekend Movie” was available, which created the motivation for young employees to achieve the mutual growth with the company.

10The Fodu Industrial Park and Chenlong Industrial Park of Cisen Pharmaceutical were put into operation after successfully passing the new GMP certification, which became the new economic growth driver of Cisen Pharmaceutical in 2015.

01 Cisen Pharmaceutical was listed in “Top 100 for General Strength of Industrial Enterprise in China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry in 2013” once again, and was honored as “Innovative Excellent Enterprise Brand in China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry in 2013” and the “Best Industrial Enterprise in China Pharmaceutical R&D Product Line”, etc., CHENYOU (Alanyl Glutamine Injection) was honored as “Excellent Medicine Brand for Other Sections in China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry in 2013”. 

02Cisen Pharmaceutical Technical Center was recognized as national enterprise technical center by such five ministries and commissions as National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology, etc., which symbolizes that the scientific and technological capacity for innovation of this company has reached the domestically advanced level.

03 Board Chairman and General Manager DU Zhenxin was elected as Deputy to the 12th session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and attended the NPC on March 5, 2013. 


01In 2011 China Pharmaceutical Annual Statistic Report issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sorted by main operating revenue, Cisen Pharmaceutical was listed in China Pharmaceutical Top 50. In 2013, profit tax and sales income of Cisen Company were increased by over 20%~30%, and its general strength was further enhanced.


01Under the circumstance that the national pharmaceutical situation is grim, sales income of Cisen Company was still increased by 26% on a yearly basis, and the enterprise’s general strength was further enhanced. 

02This company was officially renamed to Cisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..

03 “Cisen” was recognized as “Chinese Famous Trademark” by State Administration for Industry and Commerce.


01 In 2010, Cisen Pharmaceutical successfully completed its annual goal and plan in terms of its sales income and profit tax, which increase over 30% on a yearly basis,
It comprehensively ranked the eighth in non-coal industry of Jining City.

02From August 18 to August 20, 2010, Top 100 of National Pharmaceutical Industry in 2009 was announced in annual information conference held by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and undertaken by Information Center of China National Pharmaceutical Industry. By virtue of its operation performance in 2009, Cisen Pharmaceutical ranked the 69th in the list of Top 100 of National Pharmaceutical Industry and the 48th in medicine preparation industry.


01In 2009, by virtue of its strong R&D and sales strength, Cisen Pharmaceutical was listed in National Pharmaceutical Top 100 and Shandong Pharmaceutical Top 10.

02In 2009, management ideas of “accumulation and innovation, sincerity and reliability” of Cisen Company were highly recognized and approved by pharmaceutical industry; in November 2009, Cisen Pharmaceutical was honored as grade “AAA” credit enterprise in China National Pharmaceutical Industry, its enterprise popularity has been further improved.


01In 2008, the company was honored as “one of top ten growing enterprises in China National Pharmaceutical Industry”. 

02In April 2008, the company’s national type-I new medicine DINGHE (Adefovir Diivoxil Tablets) was successfully brought into production and came into the market.


01In 2007, Cisen Company was recognized as a national Hi-tech enterprise, brand effect of the company has been further improved. 


01In 2006, “development of Adefovir Diivoxil and tablets” of the company was initiated and supported by innovation fund of National Department of Science and Technology and Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province in 2005.

02On November 16, 2006, “Cisen” was recognized as famous trademark of Shandong Province by Shandong Administration for Industry and Commerce, the company has made substantive progress by implementing brand strategies.


01On January 18, 2003, the foundation laying ceremony was held in Cisen Tongji Industry Park, which means that leaping development of the company begins.


01In 2001, annual sales income of the company exceeded one hundred million for the first time.


01On April 23, 1994, Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd appointed DU Zhenxin as Manager of Jining No. 3 Pharmaceutical Factory.


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