• 苦参素氯化钠注射液
ENGLISH NAME: Marine and Sodium Chloride Injection
SPECIFICATIONS: 2 ml : 0.1 g
LICENSE NUMBER: 2 ml : 0.1 g  H20040158
PRODUCT PACKAGING: Glass infusion bottles; 100 ml/bottle
FORMULATION: Large Volume Parenteral
STORAGE CONDITION: Shading, Closed, Preservation of the Shade
SHELF LIFE: 24 Months
Description: Marine and Sodium Chloride Injection is for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.   It is colorless or nearly colorless transparent liquid. The main ingredient of Marine and Sodium Chloride Injection is Marine. Marine belongs to the extract of the natural medicine with strong curative effec. It can significantly improve curative effect, reduce side effects associated with other antiviral drugs ,

Pharmacological effects: This product can reduce the hepatitis B virus (DHBV) infection of duck serum DHBV-DNA level . And it has a protective effect on acute liver injury induced by the CCl4 and D- galactosamine .

Indications: For the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.
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