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ENGLISH NAME: Tiopronin Injection
LICENSE NUMBER: 2 ml:0.1 g  H20051334
PRODUCT PACKAGING: Glass Ampule; 2 ml/vial; 5 vials/box, 10 vials/box
STORAGE CONDITION: Shading, Closed, Preservation of the Shade
SHELF LIFE: 24 Months
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Description: Tiopronin Injection is colorless or nearly colorless transparent liquid. Tiopronin can restore liver function, for the adjuvant treatment of chronic hepatitis. Its chemical name is 2-(2-sulfanylpropanoylamino) acetic acid. Tiopronin is a prescription thiol drug used to control the rate of cystine precipitation and excretion in the disease cystinuria.

Pharmacological effects: of carbon tetrachloride, ethanol and D-galactose - induced acute liver injury, a combat role. To protect liver mitochondrial structure and improve its functions.

Pharmacokinetics: to rat oral tiopronin since urinary excretion of low (0.015%), after intravenous injection of excretion in urine was significantly higher (22.35%). After intravenous injection of a high level of blood, and to 30 minutes can be detected; After 60 minutes of oral plasma reached the peak detection can be up to 120 minutes. In human oral, intramuscular, urinary excretion of similar (intramuscular injection of 10% to 12%, oral 15.47%), but after intramuscular injection excretion time extended to 8 ~ 24 hours, plasma levels higher than oral.

Indications: restore liver function, for the adjuvant treatment of chronic hepatitis.

Precautions: With a high degree of severe hepatitis and jaundice, intractable ascites, gastrointestinal bleeding complications in patients with liver disease. Severe acute lead, mercury poisoning patients. With diabetes, renal insufficiency patients. Right tiopronin have allergies or severe adverse reactions of patients. Pregnancy, breast-feeding women and children. These people are not allowed to use this product.

Adverse reaction: Skin rash, pruritus, and leans flushing. Nausea, diarrhea, anorexia and gastrointestinal reactions. 
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